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We will test here the new models of the James HOY Collection .


Be patient : STILL lot more to say about James Boomerangs ..


Some Carbon boomerang made by James Hoy

Some Carbon boomerang made by James Hoy



The Dragonfly version 2 is a lovely aussie round, we had the chance to test it on the field and it is a reliable aussie round.

The flight is more precise than the version 1 as  there is less hover than the first version. The weight has been reduced, it is more confortable to catch.

We had the non weighted version, the range is around 45 meters, the final version is weighted.

The material is the same, top carbon fiber.

It was a real pleasure to throw this aussie round.


I was a litle bit puzzled because this aussie was always finishing in front of me after having seen it over my head...

I was not throwing with enough layower. 



Just a little story, unfortunately, we do not have the chance to throw on large fields, there are lots of posts for lights and other rugby purposes.

I recently broke a very nice  wooden fuzzy on a post.

I had the chance to test some lefties made by James for another customer, on the first throw, i hit a post, the boom was ok , it was not broken ..

The range of the weighted version was largely behind the 50 meters, we recommend this family of boomerangs for experimented throwers.




The Dragonfly Version one is a classical aussie round boomerang in the family of the "Napoleon Hat"

The flight is classical. The range is around 40 m.

The flight is really nice, but after discussion, we found there was too much hover during the end of the filght. 

So of course it is a nice traditionnal boom, but i knew James was able to shape a better Aussie..


The aussie round "HOYZZY"

Is it HOW EASY ? or James HOY - ZZY, test it by yourself.

 Autumn has been rainy, windy and cloudy in France, but we made our best to test this new boomerang made by James HOY in a reasonable delay.


The product 


The HOYZZY  is made of 3.0 mm carbon, it is an aussie round boomerang designed by James HOY.



As i am Lefty, this one cames in a lefty version, BUT it can also be made for Right handed, on order.

Hoyzzy V1 at the beach, not far from England.
Hoyzzy V1 at the beach, not far from England.

Hoyzzy V1 at the beach, not far from England.


The material 


The material is high quality Carbon 3 mm with 15 layers, it makes a strong and VERY Rigid boomerang.

If it is like CETEX, the density is probably around 1.5 , to be confirmed by James.

This is heavier than Paxolin (1,4) , lighter than G10 / G11 (1,6 to 1,7).

The advantage of this kind of carbon is that it is very rigid, strong and cannot be untuned ..

It is MUCH more expensive than G10 or Paxolin.

The layers of carbon are visible ..

The layers of carbon are visible ..

Size / Weight


The size of the Hoyzzy is around 29 cm wingspan. 

The weight is 66 grams.

There are 3 little weights under the stickers .

Size and Weight of the Hoyzzy
Size and Weight of the Hoyzzy

Size and Weight of the Hoyzzy


Throw / Range


The throw is like an aussie round, very little layover.. 45° on left or right of the wind.

The range has been tested on the field in november, in little wind, it is 39 / 42 meters, but it is possible to increase the range.


The catch

This boomerang is easy to catch because it is close to a triblader, your hands will easily find something to catch, it is always useful to catch in order to get the points in Aussie round...


For who ??

We recommend this boomerang for experimented throwers, due to its weight, range, we do not recommend it for beginners.

If you can throw and catch a 30 m range boomerang, you will have fun with this one.


Little reminder 

There is no magic boomerang, only the training on the field can create your own experience and help you to adapt your throw to wind conditions in order to have a precise return .


My opinion 

The Hoyzzy is very rigid, the carbon is very high quality, as it is not a molded boomerang, few changes can be made, even if it is not necessary.

Because throwers like to adapt the boomerangs they throw, you might feel the necessity to add little weight to sent it to 52 meters, the most common objective for aussie round throwers.


On my opinion, there is too much "MTA flight" on the end of the flight. It can cause a loss of accuracy when you are expecting a precise return.

Compared to other aussies used in competition, the flight time should be reduced to increase the "direct flightpath" .

But, good news, it is easy to fix, we will see what we can do with the old gurus of the club and propose a modified version for James..

If other lefty throwers can test it, i will be happy to relate their opinion in theses pages.




The change has been made, it was very little change as i expected, after discussing with the team, i reduced the width of the wings, only few milimeters, flight time is reduced, weight has been reduced to 60 grams, range is unchanged, accuracy is improved, return path is more direct.

James might propose this new version.


James HOY Carbon collection

Version 1 flight test :


Palm Carbon

Test coming soon , the carbon is Very rigid, very untunable, it will not get untuned once the good tune will be adjusted ..

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