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The Boomerang Wolrd Cup ended : The American team won !!!



Manuel SCHÜTZ is the winner of the Boomerang World Cup 2016 .



For our friends overseas, here is a special version of our "how to throw a boomerang" guide.


If you have a foam boomerang you can play anywhere.


Otherwise, check the following points :

• The field : Choose a place where you have plenty of space, for example, if the range of your boomerang is 25 yards, choose a field of 50 by 50 yards.

• We recommand to warm up a few minutes

• Check the Boomerang , if you are right handed, check your boom is right handed.

• Check the wind, no wind or a light wind is better for starting.

• If you are not yet a boomerang expert, check that are nobody is standing close to you.

• Take the boomerang in your hand, most of the time flat side at the exterior.

• Prepare to throw, left foot in front for right handed,

• Throw at 45° on the right of the the wind for right handed

• Do not throw flat, the boomerang MUST be close to vertical with a lot of spin at the end of the throw

Video part 1


Discovering boomerang : what can you do after 2 hours ?

Video part 2

Throwing and catching by Andrea SGATTONI, (member of the Boomergang team during the world cup 2016 , 3rd Place at the the World cup), you will need a lot of training to do the same..

Andrea is a boomerang champion, we recommend to start throwing 1 boomerang.


This video is also a great lesson for throwing and catching.



Have fun ..

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