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16 décembre 2019 1 16 /12 /décembre /2019 22:13

The Spiroboom is a new Polypropylen molded boomerang, designed in France, molded in France.



Spiroboom test



The main idea was to create something different, an original boomerang with a different look and a visual effect during the flight.


Something new ??


As boomerang is not really concerned by improvement of technology, as there is not that much electronic parts in a boomerang, it is a real challenge to find something new.

The "Hypnotic"Trick Catch visual effect created by the spiral is something new .. 


For who ?


It can be used by children for outdoor throwing  from 12 years old.

Even if it can be used for children, it does not mean it is only for children, even with a little wind, this boomerang will still have a nice return.


Weight / range 


The weight is around 40 gm, the range is around 20 meters.


The Versions 


Colors are yellow and orange, there is ONLY right handed version .

BLOOODY HELL we are expecting future versions of decent lefties molded boomerangs ... :-)


The price


The price is around 10 Euros in France. 1% of the price of the lastest smartphones..


Our opinion


The spiroboom has a trick catch style flight, it is designed to be easy to catch, the weight is light, it is confortable to catch.

It does need any tune.


Our test of the Spiroboom 


It is worth 1000 words ..



Perfect present for christmas ...


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